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The Hottest Luxury Swimming Pool Design Trends

Swimming pool offers backyard leisure while enhancing your homes outdoor. To add on that it is also good as it can increase the value of your home. Today people want a swimming pool that has features that fit their unique lifestyle. So what custom features should you consider for your homes state of the art pool.

Innovative lighting and other smart features are dominating today. Thus smart technology enables homeowners to control lighting by just doing this from a mobile application. Also, you can set the temperature of the swimming pool and the hot tub while you are away from home. The smart technology is also good as it can select a good pool party playlist for your outdoor speakers. For ambiance, it’s one cool feature, because of all that and this location is cool. With the ever-changing extensive technology, this is one of the top features making it in the hottest luxury swimming pool designs.

We have the built-in bars as well s sun shelves making their way into the wider category of swimming pool top features. The most modern feature is incorporated in the modern pool designs. This design staple offers a way for homeowners to enhance their outdoor area. Built in bars make it easy for guests to grab a cocktail while in the water. You can make yourself comfortable using the built-in ledge and many other tools. Check out for this top feature of these builders.

Pools with saltwater, its where actually people are headed today. One of the trending features, you want to know why folks are filling their pools with salt water, find out below. It’s actually easy and cost-effective to maintain salt water than any other kind of water. Unlike the other kind of water that causes damages to pumps and the filters, salt water is believed to be less harsh on the pool items. The other thing that makes salt water so cool is that it contains fewer chemicals, it therefore believed to be healthy, and thus you will have a radiant and more youthful skin that is healthy. That is how salt water has become a top preference for many.

Another trending design is the spa-like soaking tub. First thing you have to know that hot tubs are good as they help one reduce inflammation and stress, as they offer a more relaxing vibe. Many soaking tubs are taking on a rim flow spa design. They are also featuring more efficient and well-designed spillway designs. Colors and shapes that add contrast. For the interior and exterior, we have colors being used to make them stand out. We have gone further into using colors that bring the clear picture of the ocean to the homes, creating a more custom look.